Working Papers
Working Paper No. Authors TITLE
224. Dr. Manjur Ali Health Budget Analysis of Minority Concentrated Districts in Uttar Pradesh

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223. Dr. Nomita P. Kumar, Dr. Kavita Baliyan Waning Participation of Women in Uttar Pradesh's Labour Market: Some Proximate Determinants

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222. Dr. Nomita P. Kumar Trends in MSP and Returns on Cultivation of Wheat and Paddy in Uttar Pradesh

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221. Dr. Nomita P. Kumar, Dr. Achala Srivastava Employment Vulnerability to Adverse Working Conditions : Evidence from Formal Enterprises in U.P.

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220. Dr. Manjur Ali Budgeting for Happy Childhood

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219. Shilp Shikha Singh Why Musahars Vote?

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218. Rajendra P. Mamgain
D.N. Reddy
Out-migration from the Hill Region of Uttrakhand Magnitude, Challenges and Policy Options

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217. Nagendra Kumar Maurya
Sapana Singh
Shagun Khare
Taxable capacity, Tax efforts and Structural break:
Do the child-states follow their respective parents?

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216. I.C. Awasthi
Dev Nathan
Poverty and Gender Analysis of Uttarakhand: Some Insights from the Field

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215. R. P. Mamgain
Shivakar Tiwari
Youth in India: Challenges of employment and employability

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214. Srinivas Goli
Nagendra Kumar Maurya
Manoj Kumar Sharma
Continuing Caste inequalities in Rural Uttar Pradesh

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213. NK Maurya Debt Sustainability of a Sub-national Government: An Assessment of the State Finances of Uttar Pradesh

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212. AK Singh Precarious Livelihood: A Study of Rickshaw Pullers in UP
211. AK Singh UP Government Finances 1991-2011: From Fiscal Crises to Fiscal Consolidation
210. AK Singh Economics of Small Farmers and Their Livelihood Options
209. BK Bajpai Performance Assessment of Elementary Education towards Compliance RTE in Uttar Pradesh
208. Fahimuddin Tourism Policy of Thailand: Lessons of Experience for India
207. PS Garia
YP Singh
Jeevan Singh
आज़ादी के बाद गाँव में विकास के चरण ( उत्तराखण्ड के एक गाँव का विश्लेषणात्मक अध्ययन )
206. GS Mehta Social Security for the Poor's: Effectiveness of RSBY in Uttar Pradesh
205. AK Singh
AK Tewari
Estimation of Rural and Urban Income of Uttar Pradesh:1999-2000 and 2004-2005
204. Fahimuddin Status of Tenancy in Uttar Pradesh: Some Facts from the Field
203. BK Bajpai Knowledge, Belief and Practices of Voters in Uttar Pradesh
202. AK Singh Agrarian Change, Non-Farm Employment and Poverty
201. AK Singh
Mohd. Tauheed
Relative Socio-Economic Conditions of Muslims in Rural UP
200. PS Garia उत्तर प्रदेश मॅ भूमि सुधार कार्यक्रमॉ के द्वारा गरीबॉ को भूमि आवंटन : एक क्षेत्रीय अध्ययन
199. Ajit Kumar Singh
A Joshi
Nomita P. Kumar
The Challenge of Development and Poverty in Bundelkhand Region of Uttar Pradesh
198. GS Mehta Empowerment of Women Through Participation in Panchayati Raj Institutions
197. Ajit Kumar Singh
SSA Jafri
Diagnostic Study of Chikan Craft in Lucknow
196. Ajit Kumar Singh Uttar Pradesh Economy : Potential, Constraints and Challenges
195. S Nayak Inequity in Distribution of Water Resources : A Study of Ground Water Irrigation Across States in India
194. PS Garia
BS Koranga
Uttar Pradesh Mein Vikas Karyakramom Dwara Mahila Sasakthikaran : Ek Mulyankan
193. RS Tiwari Trade Performance and Intra-Firms Trade Between India and USA : An Empirical Analysis
192. AK Singh
Mohd. Muzammil
Sanatan Nayak
Economic Growth and Human Development Linkages in Uttar Pradesh
191. AK Singh
A Joshi
Rationalisation of User Charges in Medical and Health Services in Uttar Pradesh
190. AK Singh
A Joshi
Taxation on Motor Vehicles in U.P. : A Critical Look
189. AK Singh
SSA Jafri
Lucknow : From Tradition to Modernity
188. NF Abidi RCII : Family, Kinship and Marriage : Familial Roles of Women : Perspective and Prospective
187. PS Garia Uttaranchal Kshetra Main Van Panchayaton ki Prabhandhakiya Safalata ka ek Avlokan
186. RS Tiwari Socio-Economic Characteristics of Unregistered Urban Informal Sector in Agra and Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh and Puri in Orissa : A Need for Rehabilitation Programme
185. S Nayak Growth, Instability and Environment Degradation in Andhra Pradesh Agriculture
184. NF Abidi Economic Empowerment of Women : Opportunities and Challenges (With Special Reference to Uttar Pradesh)
183. NF Abidi Empowerment of Women : The Developmental Perspective
182. PS Garia
YP Singh
A Joshi
Perception and Views of Primary Teachers Towards the Efficacy of DIET, BRC and NBRC
181. YP Singh
A Joshi
PS Garia
How Functional Are the Institutions Providing Educational Support at the Primary Level
180. A Joshi
PS Garia
YP Singh
Role of DIET, BRC and NBRC in Improving the Quality of Primary Education
179. AK Singh
PS Garia
Uttarakhand Andholan: Uttarakhandion Ki Nazar Mein
178. NF Abidi Towards a Theory of Role Conflict: A New Paradigm
177. NF Abidi Methods of Sociological Research: Some Methodological Issues and Suggestions
176. PN Pande Paryavaran Aur Satat Vikas
175. PS Garia
YP Singh
A Joshi
Community Participation and Effectiveness of the Village Education Committee
174. PN Pande Uttaranchal State and Its Development
173. GS Mehta Investigating Options for Increasing Livelihood of Marginal Farmers in Uttaranchal
172. GS Mehta Mountain Agriculture with Focus on Uttaranchal
171. A Joshi
YP Singh
A Critical Appraisal of the Navodaya Vidyalaya Scheme
170. GS Mehta Environmentally Sustainable Land Based Development Approach for Uttarakhand : A Note
169. GS Mehta Approaching for Environment of Women through Panchayati Raj : A Half Way Initiative
168. GS Mehta Constraints in Agriculture Development in Uttarakhand : Some Policy Options
167. GS Mehta Trends in Horticulture Development in Uttarakhand
166. SSA Jafri A Gender Biased Educational Pattern in Urban Slums of Uttar Pradesh
165. GS Mehta Access to Social Infrastructure and Human Resource Development in Uttarakhand
164. GS Mehta Infrastructure and Its Impact on the Development of Uttarakhand
163. GS Mehta Emerging Problems of Employment and the Trend of Migration Uttarakhand
162. YP Singh
A Joshi
The Declining Significance of Parishad Schools as Against Private Schools in Uttar Pradesh
161. PN Pande The Uttaranchal Woman : Role and Status
160. A Joshi
YP Singh
Problems of Beggars and Beggars Homes in Religious Centres in U.P.
159. GS Mehta Participation in Forest Management : A Case Study of Uttarakhand
158. SSA Jafri Housing in India : An Analytical Approach to Quality of Living
157. RS Tiwari Employment and Income Generation for Minorities by Development Programmes : A Study of Rampur District in U.P.
156. RS Tiwari Trade Co-operation Among Newly Industrializing Developing Countries : Principles and Policy Options
155. RS Tiwari Export Competitiveness and Trade Co-operation Among Newly Industrializing Developing Countries
154. RC Tyagi Crisis in Sugar Industry : Sugar Policy Needs a Change
153. RC Tyagi Problems of Sugarcane Marketing and Transport in India
152. PN Pande Girl Child in India
151. A Joshi Scope for Financing of Health Services in U.P.
150. GS Mehta Socio-Economic Conditions of Rickshaw Pullers in Lucknow City
149. GS Mehta Industrial Development in Uttarakhand : A Micro-Level Analysis
148. GS Mehta Alternative Planning for Development of Uttarakhand
147. PS Garia Uttarakhand Mein Purush Pravas Ka Striyon Par Prabhav
146. PS Garia Samanya Jan Sampati Sansadhan Par Adhikraman Va Uska Gariboan Par Prabhav
145. SSA Jafri India's Rural Habitat in Need of Rejuvenation
144. PS Garia Paryavaran Pradushan Karan Aur Parinam
143. H Dhar Nation, Community, Caste and the Problem of Subaltern History Writings
142. RS Tiwari Dynamics Comparative Advantage and Trade Cooperation in Newly Industrializing Developing Countries
141. GS Mehta Primary Education in Uttarakhand : Inequality Among General Caste and Scheduled Castes/Tribes
140. RS Tiwari Trade Performance as a Basis of Trade Cooperation Among Developing Countries : Principles and Policy Options
139. RS Tiwari Export Growth, Internal Export Efficiency land Policy Responses : The Indian Case
138. GS Mehta Impact of Tourism in the Economic Development of Uttarakhand : A Study
137. PN Pande Tourism in Uttarakhand : Problems and Prospects
136. PN Pande Characteristics of Female Work Participation in Uttar Pradesh
135. PS Garia Parvatiya Kshetra Mein Stri Vikas Kariakram
134. RC Tyagi Demand-Supply Scenario of the Indian Sugar Industry
133. SSA Jafri Housing in India : An Analytical Approach to Quality of Living
132. RS Dixit Recent Perspectives in Geographical Research and Making of a Research Project Proposal
131. RS Dixit Development of Marketing Geography in India
130. Fahimuddin
BB Rao
Unit Roots in Selected Indian Macro-Economic Time Series
129. GS Mehta Constraints in Economic Development of Uttarakhand : The Situation of Agricultural Sector
128. GS Mehta Contribution of Handicrafts in Employment and Income Generation in Uttarakhand
127. SSA Jafri Mismanagement of Water Resources in U.P. (India) : A Threat to Environment land Human Existence
126. PS Garia Uttaranchal Kshetra Main Nirvanikaran Aur Gramin Mahilaon Ki Samasyayen
125. BK Bajpai
Nirja Mishra
Female Work Participation in U.P. : A Sectoral and Structural Analysis
124. Fahimuddin Aspects of land Reforms in U.P. as Emerged in a Workshop Deliberations
123. SSA Jafri Analysis and Evaluation of Rural Drinking Water Supply in Kumaun-Garhwal Region
122. BK Bajpai Determinants of Marketable and Marketed Foodgrains Surplus in Uttar Pradesh : An
Inter-Regional Analysis
121. GP Mishra Narsimha-Manmohanomics of Union Budget 1994-95
120. GS Mehta Horticulture in the Development of Western Himalayan Agro-Climatic Region
119. A Kakkar Role of Libraries in Distance Education
118. GS Mehta Employment Structure and Earning of Migrant Workers in Urban Economy
117. AK Singh Liberalization, Growth Strategy and the Present Economic Crisis
116. A Joshi
GS Mehta
Pattern of Industrialization and Industrial Performance in Uttaranchal : A Preliminary Note
115. A Joshi Development of Forest Policy in India with a Focus on the Hill Region of U.P.
114. AK Singh Employment and Unemployment Situation in Northern India : A Review
113. Fahimuddin State Regulation in Foodgrain Marketing : 1897-1985
112. A Kakkar Distance Education in Regional Perspective : A Case Study of Uttar Pradesh
111. Fahimuddin Dynamism in Marketing Margins : A Case Study of Foodgrains Commodities
110. AK Singh Management and Development of Water Resources in the Central Zone
109. GS Mehta Emerging Pattern of Rural-Urban Migration : A Case Study
108. Fahimuddin Realities of Regulated Marketing : Farmers View and Field Observation
107. GP Mishra Economic Crisis and Fiscal Management
106. H Dhar Institutional Constraints to Land Reform in Bihar
105. PN Pande Rural Labour in India
104. AK Singh Inter-state Disparities in Per Capita SDP : An Exploratory Study
103. GP Mishra States and Planning in India – A Historical Perception
102. GS Mehta Provisions, The Existing Facilities and the Prevailing Conditions in Educational Opportunities
101. GP Mishra Agrarian Reform, Output Growth, Wages and Employment in U.P.'s Agriculture
100. SSA Jafri Deforestation and Land Degradation in Central Zone of India : A Study on Ecology
99. A Joshi
GS Mehta
Definition and Concepts of Poverty and Problems in Its Measurement
98. SSA Jafri Rural Out-Migration in Central Himalaya : A Geographical Interpretation of Kumaun-Garhwal Regions
97. SSA Jafri Utilization of Wasteland for Environmental Balance with Particular Reference to Madhya Pradesh
96. GS Mehta Equity Role of Education in Economic Opportunities Between Scheduled Castes/Tribes and General Castes Segments
95. AK Singh Decentralized Planning Under Five Year Plans : Emerging Perspectives
94. RC Sinha Urban Growth and Urbanisation : A Study with Special Reference to Uttar Pradesh
93. PN Pande Bio-Gas : A Solution of Energy Problem in Rural India
92. YP Singh
RP Rai
SK Ghosh
Prospects of Cotton Cultivation : A Global View with Special Reference to India and Uttar Pradesh
91. GP Mishra
GB Rao
Regional Disparities in Indian Agriculture
90. GP Mishra Efficient Management of Livestock Farms and Economics of Livestock Enterprise : A Forward Look in the Backward State
89. GP Mishra On the Question of Relationship Between Agricultural Surplus and Economic Development
88. GS Mehta Consequences of Migration Characteristics and Its Effect on the Pattern of Income Distribution
87. KC Samal Migration and Informal Sector : A Case Study
86. RT Tewari Regional Variations in Levels of Agricultural Development and Productivity in India (A Temporal Analysis)
85. PN Pande
DK Bajpai
Rural Drinking Water Supply in Uttar Pradesh
84. PS Garia
CS Adhikari
Laghu Avam Kutir Udyogon Ki Upeksha : Ek Avalokan (Vikas Khand Kapkot (Almora) Ke Sandarbh Mein)
83. P Eashvaraiah Marxist Revolutionary Theory and Practice
82. RC Tyagi Problems and Prospects of Sugar Industry in Uttar Pradesh
81. YP Singh Unorganised Sector and Migration in Lucknow City
80. CN Ray Health Care and Problems of Health Development : A Study of Some West Bengal Villages
79. RT Tewari Factor Productivity and Irrigation in Indian Agriculture (A Cross Section Temporal Analysis)
78. YP Singh Socio-Economic Change in U.P. Village
77. CN Ray Child Development Project in India : Field Experience in Eastern U.P.
76. SK Bajpai A Perspective on Economic Development and Financial Mangement in British India (1828-35)
75. GP Mishra
BK Bajpai
Regional Structure of Development in U.P. Agriculture : A Comparative Study of Eastern and Bundelkhand Regions
74. GS Mehta A Cross Sectional Analysis of Inequalities in Education
73. GP Mishra Agricultural Growth and Rural Development in India
72. Yogesh Kumar Regional Dynamics of Urbanisation, Urban Growth and Occupational Structure of Uttar Pradesh
71. TS Papola The Indian Labour Market : Some Facets of Its Character and Functioning
70. BK Bajpai Regional Disparities in Agricultural Productivity, An Output of Biased Infrastructure : A Case Study
69. TS Papola National Perspectives on Social Science Development : India
68. TS Papola Demography, Economy and Environment in the Development of Hill Areas
67. TS Papola Urbanisation, Rural-Urban Migration and Growth of Informal Sector
66. GP Mishra Agrarian Reform and Change in India
65. YP Singh Housing Programmes for SAC in U.P. : Progress and Problems
64. YP Singh Gramin Niyojan Mein Sthaniya Sansthaon ki Bhoomika
63. GP Mishra Regional Structure of Development and Growth in India : Some Introductory Notes
62. Fahimuddin Marketed Surplus land Marketing Structure of Agricultural Process : A Study
61. GS Mehta Condition of Rural Artisans in U.P. : A Study of Two Selected Villages in Kumaon Hills
60. GS Mehta Roads and Area Development ; A Study in Utilisation and Impact
59. CS Adhikari Credit Disbursement and Percolation of Benefits to Weaker Section Under IRDP : A Case Study of Salt Block, Almora (U.P.)
58. H Dhar Village Studies : Problems and Prospects
57. P Eashvaraiah Land Reforms in India : The Policy Logic of Congress Party
56. PN Pande
PS Garia
Unused Treasure in India
55. GS Mehta Racial Equality and Inequality in Educational Opportunities in India : A Review of Literature
54. BK Bajpai
DK Bajpai
Farm Production and Management of Irrigation Potential
53. Fahimuddin
DK Bajpai
Impact of Drought on Agriculture : Some Observations
52. CS Adhikari
PS Garia
The Economic Condition of Agricultural Labourers : A Case Study of Garhi Block in Banswara District (Rajasthan)
51. RT Tiwari Economic Infrastructure and Regional Development in India
50. DN Kakkar Higher Education and Development in India : Some Issues and Problems
49. GS Mehta Income Distribution and Educational Opportunity
48. PS Garia
CS Adhikari
Garibi Unmoolan ka Ramban – Ringhal Udyog
47. DN Kakkar Reducing Regional Imbalances Through Rural Development Programmes in Uttar Pradesh
46. CN Ray West Bengal : Evolution and Character of Post 1977 Rural Development Programme
45. RC Sinha Employment Implications of Income Redistribution and Growth : A Micro-Economic Analysis in the Basic Needs Framework with Reference to metal Utensils
44. A Joshi
Vijay Goel
UPFC for the Promotion of Regional and Backward Area Development
43. A Joshi
Vijay Goel
Indian Jute Industry and Trends in the Jute Manufacturing
42. N Pant Minor and Medium Irrigation Projects : An Analysis of Cost Escalation and Delay in Competition
41. PN Pande Renewable Sources of Energy for Rural Area (Pattern and Potential)
40. CN Ray Experimentation and Community Development
39. CN Ray Rural Development Programmes in India : An Overview of Their organizational Form
38. RT Tewari Inter-Regional Disparities in Levels of Development (Indian Experience)
37. N Pant Management of Major Canal Systems in Bihar : A Kosi Case
36. H Dhar Rich Peasants and Farms of Labour and Tenancy : A Case Study of Some Bihar Villages
35. GP Mishra Characteristic Features of Dominant Agrarian Relations and Class Basis of Rural Development in India
34. GP Mishra How to Conceive Village as a Unit of Investigation into Process of Rural Development
33. GP Mishra Policy for Science and Technology for Developing Traditional Industries in Backward Areas : Problems and Prospects
32. RT Tewari Opportunity Structure and Industrialisation of Backward Areas in Uttar Pradesh
31. Shiva K. Gupta Harijan Legislators : Their Alienation and Activism
( Harijan Power : A Case Study)
30. BK Joshi Is Economic Growth Relevant?
29. Shiva K.Gupta Trends and Pattern of urbanization in U.P.
28. N Pant Irrigation Farmers' Organizations : A Case Study of Tarwan (Bihar)
27. RT Tewari Application of Cluster Analysis for Identification of Planning Regions in Uttar Pradesh
26. HS Verma The Identity Question in the Indian Industrial Family
25. GP Mishra Agrarian Social Structure, Rural Power and Dynamics of Rural Development
24. BK Joshi Poverty, Inequality and the Social Structure
23. VN Misra
A Joshi
Performance of Agriculture in the Semi-Arid Region of Uttar Pradesh : An Inter-District Analysis
22. TS Papola Sex Discrimination in the Urban Labour Markets : Some Propositions Based on Indian Evidence
21. HS Verma Study of Social Change in Independent Rural India : Critical Issues for Analyses of Fourth Decade
20. TS Papola
VN Misra
Labour Supply and Wage Determination in Rural Uttar Pradesh
19. TS Papola Informal Sector : Concept and Policy
18. HS Verma Nature and Development Implications of Post-Independence Change in Rural India : A Case Study from Uparhar Area
17. TS Papola Fiscal Devolution by Finance Commission : Plea for a Dynamic Approach
16. TS Papola Report of the Seminar on Regional Patterns of Agricultural Development
15. TS Papola Report of the Regional Seminar on Indian Youth
14. Bhanwar Singh The Exchange Structure and the Process of Capital Accumulation in India
13. HS Verma Services in Urban India : A Non-Elitist Perspective
12. HS Verma Family and Industrial Development in India : Some Issues and Hypotheses
11. HS Verma Character and Functioning of Ruling Parties and Working of Federal Polity in India
10. HS Verma Studying Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship : An Examination of the Adequacy of Approaches Used
9. R Ramasubban Health Care for the People : The Empirics of the New Rural Health Scheme
8. R Ramasubban National Movements in Ex-colonial Democracies : The Naga Impasse in India
7. TS Papola Planning for Employment : Some Observations
6. TS Papola Rural Industries in Uttar Pradesh : The Non-Household Sector
5. TS Papola Industrialisation, Technological Choices and Urban Labour Markets
4. TS Papola Rural Household Industries in Uttar Pradesh
3. VB Singh
PD Shrimali
RS Mathur
The Problems of Select Urban Handicrafts in Uttar Pradesh
2. RS Mathur Chikan Handicraft, Lucknow
1. VB Singh
RS Mathur
The PIREP : An Evaluation of Reoti and Bansdih Blocks